POWERBANK Kipas Robot BF-07



Brand : Robot
Model : RT-BF07
Capacity : 2000mAh
Battery : 18650 lithium
Size : 110 x 142 x 96mm
Weight : 235g
Working time
3 gear : 1.5 hours;
2 gear: 3 hours;
1 gear: 6.5 hours

▪️Pengenalan Produk

1. 2000mAh lithium batteries,5V/1A output as a power bank
2. 3 gears adjustable with strong wind, working time according to the gears are: 1.5 hours, 3 hours, 6.5 hours
3. It can both charge other devices and be charged while using
4. Copper brushless DC motor, long life, low heat, high efficiency fan
5. Pure ABS plastic, compression resistance, high-grade appearance.
6. USB power supply, can also be built-in power supply, double overcharge protection circuit
7. Unique mermaid design, beautiful appearance
8. Metal USB interface, prevent hand sweat corrosion
9. Easy operation, both conveninet to be handled and be placed on the desktop