Kabel Data Fast Vivan SM180


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Deskripsi kabel data Vivan SM180 untuk micro android 180cm 2,4A Red+Black
Vivan SM180 fast charging 2,4A Data Cable Red+Black

Brand Vivan
Material PVC+Copper
Current 2.4A Max
USB Plug Time ‘10000 times
micro Plug Time ‘10000 times
Salt Spray Test 24H
Bending Test ‘4000 times
High Temperature 70′”
Low Temperature -20′”
Length 180CM
Pengenalan Produk
1. Oxygen-free pure copper + copper foil wire, fast charging, and data transmission
2. Supports high-speed charging up to 2.4A, fast and stable
3. Nylon-braided tangle-free jacket, comfortable and fashion
4. Gold-plated terminals, low resistance and antioxidant
5. Shell adopts stainless nickel plating process, not easy to rust