Car Holder RT-CH06


Brand               : Robot

Model               : RT-CH06

Color                 : Black

Material            : ABS plastic + aluminium + silica gel

Tube Length    : 20 cm

Tube diameter : 12 mm

Size                    : 115*80*95mm

Net Weight      : 140g

Compatity       : Suitable for 4-6 inch smartphone of all types

Feature            : 360 degrees rotatable

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Robot RT-CH06 Aluminum Tube Silicone Sucker Car Stent BlacK
Brand Robot
Model RT-CH06
Color Black
Material ABS plastic + aluminum + silica gel
Tube Length 20cm
Tube Diameter 12mm
Size 115*80*95mm

Compatity Suitable for 4~6 inch smartphone of all types
Pengenalan Produk
1. New high-quality aluminum tube bracket, steady without shaking, does not block the sight
2. Semi-automatic chuck, half-pack care, firmly fixed to phone
3. 360-degree rotatable caster and aluminum tube to meet the needs of any angle of use
4.70mm PU silicone suction cup with sticky, stronger adhesion compared with the traditional sucker, and does not leave stains
5. Can be firmly adsorbed on a clean and smooth surface, also have a certain adsorption for cortical and particle surfaces
6. Unique nut dendrite, easy for user to tighten the caster without slipping7. Suitable for 4.0-6.0 inch mobile phone
Package included:
1 x Robot RT-CH06 Aluminum Tube Silicone Sucker Car Stent